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Amalfi Coast

An Adventure Along the Amalfi Coast

It is one of Italy’s best-known stretches of coastline; the Amalfi. A collection of villages and towns clinging to the verdant cliffs so tantalizing they simply must be paid a visit. Taking the journey south to Naples and beyond, one can uncover a landscape so stunning it will forever be etched on your mind. Here, one...
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What we recommend this week 30th July

What we recommend this week: A dish to try Lasagnette al Pesto, Liguria   Basil is the star ingredient of Ligurian cooking. The leaves grown near Genova are considered the most fragrant in Italy. Pestling the leaves with local pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan into a ‘Pesto’ has become a favourite way to capture...
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Understanding Rome today

How can we understand what Rome is today, when no one has been able to understand what the city was before? Some speak of the City of the Caesars; others the Rome of the Popes. But neither really existed. Not outside the neat categorisation of historians and tour guides. Understanding Rome requires living and breathing...
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The Best Restaurants with a View in Italy

Seeking out restaurants with a view in Italy means you combine two of the bel paese‘s most sought-after offerings: exquisite food and stunning scenery. Italy’s alluring stretches of coastline offer their fair share. Not least along the littoral paradise of the Adriatic coastline and the white-sand, cerulean seashores of Sicily or Sardinia. But it’s not...
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Contemporary art in Rome

The Modern Grand Tour: Contemporary Art in Rome

The Grand Tour saw 17th century Rome as the destination for the upper-class’s cultural education. These days, there is talk of a new, contemporary, lively, and possibly short-lived revival for the Grand Tour through contemporary art in Rome. Only this time it’s for everyone. Roman art isn’t just monuments and sculptures, as people often think....
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