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The cyclops coast and Acireale

Be enchanted by the Cyclops Coast, a place where history and myth combine. Commencing in the ancient fishing village of Aciterezza, your local and expert historian guide will regale you with stories of Polyphemus and Odysseus based on the natural wonders of the region.

Fast-forward in history and you will arrive in Aci Castello, a village home to a stunning Norman Castle and the Museo Civico. As our journey through history continues you will encounter the Baroque architecture of Acireale before the tour culminates at the Library and Art Gallery Zelantea and the Opera dei Pupi Theater, which hosts a museum of Sicily’s traditional folk theater.

  • Private Tour
  • Full day
  • English
  • Family friendly, Kids

Tour itinerary

  • Cyclops Coast
  • Acitrezza & the Faraglioni
  • Aci Castello & Norman castle
  • Acireale highlights
  • Library and Art Gallery Zelantea
  • Opera dei Pupi Theater

Base Pricing

Duration: Full day
Availability: Varied
Price: Starting from € 

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